5. LAN port���� 6. Auto IRIS

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Personal Robot

Real-time MPEG-4 Compression & Streaming


CAM-5100 IP Video Camera

1. Composite video output� 2. Digital input/output

7. DC level����������������� 8. CCD setting

3. DC 12 V power input� 4. WAN port

�� 1/3" color CCD sensor

�� MPEG-4 ASP compliant hardware compression

�� CIF up to Full-D1 resolution

�� Dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports for WAN & LAN

�� Streaming Video (Uni-Cast / Multi-Cast)

�� Min. 0.15 Lux at F=1.2

�� Backlight Compensation

�� Auto Iris Control

�� Auto White Balance

�� Digital time code embedded

�� Built-in motion detection

MPEG-4 gives Higher Resolution at Lower Data Rates

The CAM-5100 MPEG-4 IP Camera adopts MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP) compliant compression technology to produce a high image resolution of DVD quality. It utilizes the premium 1/3� CCD color sensor, and has a resolution of 480 TV lines. The real-time image transmission is 30 fps (720 x 480 pixels, NTSC) and 25 fps (720 x 576 pixels, PAL).
Advanced Network Technologies enables Real-Time Remote Surveillance
With the LAN and WAN ports built-in, the CAM-5100 applies QoS (Quality of Service, IEEE 802.1pQ)��������� technology to fully utilize the network bandwidth. CAM-5100 supports automatic (or manual) frame rate control for concurrent video streams running at different network bandwidths. The CAM-5100 not only supports DDNS, but also has a built-in web server to enable authorized users to adjust the camera setting via a remote browser.
User Friendly Design
The CAM-5100 has adjustments for DC level, Video auto iris, back light compensation, auto white balance, auto gain control in order to accommodate most application conditions.