MPEG-4 gives Higher Resolution at Lower Data Rates

The CAM-6100 IP speed dome offers an optimal combination of network, digital, and optical technology. The CAM-6100 adopts MPEG-4 ASP compliant compression technology which compress video analog into a video stream while maintaining a resolution of up to full D1, 30 fps.

With built in LAN and WAN ports, the CAM-6100 applies QoS (Quality of Service) technology to fully utilize the network bandwidth. Meanwhile, CAM-6100 also supports multicast video streaming technologies to fulfill   almost unlimited on-line video requests.

Remote control from any place at any time

The CAM-6100 adopts a SoC based embedded system and web server which enables remote control of the  camera through a web browser. You can Pan/Tilt/Zoom the camera, set up motion detection in a specified area, perform guard tours, set up different video resolutions, etc. Additionally, features such as tour surveillance, zone alarms, 64 preset positions, and privacy zone masking further enhance the ability of CAM-6100 to make your remote surveillance more flexible and more responsive to different situations or environments.

 High quality and reliability, both optically and mechanically

With a sturdy Pan & Tilt mechanism, and an industrial-grade slip ring, the CAM-6100 has  passed  rigorous lab tests requiring 4 million rotations, thus proving excellent rotational reliability. When rotating from one point to another, the camera stops precisely, with a cumulative error of 0.6 or less over 10,000 rotations.

The CAM-6100 IP speed dome camera provides surveillance over a large area, and is imminently suited for use in offices, warehouses, large retail establishments, hotels, and amusement parks. It is also useful along freeways and other roadways. With the precise and nimble pan/tilt function, accurate auto zoom system, and powerful 216 X zoom capability, the CAM-6100 can quickly zero in on any object and yet provide an extremely clear picture at a considerable distance.

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Personal Robot

Real-time MPEG-4 Compression & Streaming

CAM-6100 IP Speed Dome

 � 1/4" - Super HAD/exview CCD Sensor

 � MPEG-4 ASP Compliant Hardware Compression

 � From CIF up to Full DI Resolution

 � Dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Ports for WAN & LAN

 � QoS Enabled (L2, L3) for Video Streaming

   (UniCast / MultiCast)

 � Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control

 � 216 x Zoom : 18 x Optical Zoom  - 12 x Digital Zoom

 � Built-in web server and network interface enable

   quick and easy installation through the network