Supports Plug & Play as a Three Axis Game Controller on Windows

Simply plug it into an unused USB Port, on your Windows XP Computer, and it�s ready to run. Select Start/Settings/Control Panel/Game Controllers, then Select Personal Robot Universal Controller to Test and Calibrate the unit. Fully functional with all Personal Robot System Software. May be used to control� Analog and IP Based Cameras, both Fixed, and� Pan / Tilt / Zoom� models,� that support the� Pelco �P� Protocol.

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Personal Robot

Variable Speed Joy Stick Control of Pan/Tilt/Zoom Systems

Universal Controller - Personal Computer Version

16 Key Multifunction Keypad

The� �tactile� feel� 16� Key� Keypad� allows� for� Camera� Switching� and� other� System Related Functions

Continuously Variable Thee - Axis Joy Stick

Full speed control on both the Pan and Tilt Axis with the added bonus of an Adjustable� Zoom� Controller� sitting� atop� the� Joystick� Handle.� Bi - Directional� Paddle� Switches control� the� Focus and Iris manually, when they are not in Automatic Mode.

�� 3 - Axis Adjustable Speed Joystick

�� 16 Key Multifunction Keypad

�� Focus / Iris Paddle Switches

�� USB 2.0 Computer Interface

�� Plug and Play Compatible with

�� most Window�s Operating Systems

�� Supports �Personal Robot�

�� System Software

�� Can Control both Analog

�� and IP Based Cameras