Text Box: Transmit analog image via digital data with ultra high resolution

Text Box: The SED-2100R is a high resolution, Ethernet (LAN and WAN) ready, digital video transmission device.
It is specifically designed to provide high quality, highly reliable, real-time video streaming required by today�s surveillance and security systems. The SED-2100R is based on Arm9 SoC, MPEG-4 ASP compliant  compression technology to compress the video streams and transmit them via  LAN and  WAN. It supports automatic / manual frame rate control for concurrent video stream accessing in different bandwidth. 

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Text Box: Personal Robot

Text Box: Real-time MPEG-4 Compression & Streaming

www.personalrobot.bizText Box: SED-2100R IP Video Server

Text Box: Control Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras with RS-485 Port

Text Box: RS-485 Port allows bi-directional control of daisy chained serial devices. Supports  the  prevalent  Pelco  P  protocol, with selectable baud rates.

�� MPEG-4 ASP Compliant Hardware Compression

�� From CIF up to Full DI Resolution

�� Video Streaming (UniCast / MultiCast)

�� Automatic Frame Rate Control for Video Stream

�� Built-in LAN & WAN (PPPoE Supported) Ports

�� Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control Jack (RS-485)

�� Digital Time Code Embedded

�� Motion Detection

�� Built-in web server and network interface enable

�� quick and easy control through the network













Analog Video In

DC Power

Digital In

LAN Port

WAN Port

RS-485 Port

Power LED (RED)

LAN Live (Green)

Digital Out

Analog Video Out